A complete recruitment solution

M I HR Service provide complete recruitment solutions. We do both contract as well permanent staffing and maximize your potential. We are staffing employees for office services, professional services and wide array of industrial positions. We belive that the most valuable asset to a company is their employeees. So we try to provide you with the best employees around.

We work in most of the domains that includes most prominent sectors and try to fulfill low level as well high level positions like Architecture, Accountng, Administrations, Banking, Book Keepings, Call Centres, Construction, Consulting, Design, Engineering, Business Management, Healthcare, Educational Institutions, Nursing, Operations and ITES.

Employees also benefit from our staffing solutions as there is high focus from our team which works on ensuring statutory benefits, resolving any workplace related issues, looking for alternate opportunity post the completion of the contract.

You invest in us. Our capabilities meets the highest competencies. We look to maximize your potential.

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